Whether you've never danced a lick, or just want to practice your basic skills, this DVD is for you! I love teaching beginners and sharing with them my passion for clogging. By the time you finish this 2 DVD set, you'll be clogging up a storm. It's also very likely you'll find yourself clogging in the aisles at your local grocery store or Walmart... and there's nothing wrong with that! I hope you enjoy these DVDs and I look foward to seeing you on the dance floor soon.

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Beginner 1: Clogging Steps (2 Disks) $29.95

Step names are Southern California terminology,

with a cross reference to other step names in red.

Disk 1

Part 1

Intro to Clogging: Getting Started, Run (Double Step), 4 Count Rock Step, Triple, Basic

Pushoff: Pushoff (Chain), Rockback

Pushoff (cont.): Turning Pushoff

Rock: Rock Step, Rockright, Rockleft, Clapping with clogging

Part 2

Brush: Brush, Crossbrush, Hip Brush

Forward & Back: Forward & Back (Rocking Chair), Brush & Turn, Brushover

Practice Dance: Practice Steps in Part 1 & 2

"Rocky Top": Dance through Slow and Faster

Disk 2

Part 3

Touch Up: Hillbilly, Touch Up, Crosstouch, Sidetouch, Reach, Chicken, Heel Touch

Triple & Vine: Triple, Vine, Triple Brush, Vine Brush, Clogover Vine, Brushover & Vine

Slur: Slur, Slur Basic (Vine Slur), Slur Brush (Vine Slur Brush)

Miscellaneous: Double, Double Rock 2 (Fancy Double), Toe Heel, Heel Step, Shuffle

Part 4

Combination Steps: Charleston Brush, Donkey, Toe Toucher

Practice Dance: Practice Steps in Part 3 & 4

Practice Dance: All Steps

"Jambalaya": Dance Through

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