About Lelia and Russ Hunsaker

Lelia Hunsaker, a native of Kentucky, began clogging in 1983 in San Diego, California. In 1986 she became the instructor of Raylin Cloggers, the oldest and largest clogging club in San Diego. During this time she has also led the Blue Ridge Cloggers, has performed with various exhibition groups, and is on the board of the Southern California Clogging Association (SCCA). Russ Hunsaker is a native of San Diego and began clogging in 1984. In 1996 he started clogging with Raylin Cloggers, where he met Lelia, and they were married in October of that year. He is a past President of the Southern California Clogging Association and is the current President of Raylin Cloggers.

Lelia has taught at local and state workshops throughout the West, as well as national square dance and CLOG national clogging conventions, and in Canada. Russ tried his wings at teaching with Lelia at her club and found out that he really enjoyed it. He has since been featured with Lelia at various workshops, and together they teach the Breeziní Easy Cloggers.

Other than clogging, Russ and Lelia enjoy cactus & succulent gardening, cooking together and exploring the Southwest. They enjoy choreographing dances together and hope you have fun dancing with them.

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