Okay. So you are doing pretty well with the beginner steps, and now you want more. This clogging thing is really starting to get fun! This next 2 DVD set in the collection will teach you steps that are made by combining those basic moves, as well as build on your repertoire of skills. At this level, practicing at home really will pay off for you in helping you to remember the steps and starting to build up your speed. The key is to relax and just have fun! Happy Clogging!

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Easy Intermediate Clogging Steps (2 Disks) $29.95

Step names are Southern California terminology,

with a cross reference to other step names in red.

Disk 1

Part 1

A: Donkey, Chug Donkey (Pump Touch), Toe Toucher

B: Brushover, Brushover Vine, Brush Rock Brush

C: Chug, Triple Chug, Basic Chug 2, Chug a Lug (Karate Turn)

D: Clogover Rock 2, Clogover Western (Clogover Loop), Clogover Slur, Clogover Stepback

Part 2

A: Run Toe Heel, Roundout (Walkover), Roundout Rock, 8 Ct Roundout

B: Heel Slur Basic, Turkey Basic, Western Basic (Loop Basic)

C: Crossover (Strum), Crossover Touchback, Around the World, Crossover Windmill, Crossover Stepback

D: Shuffle, Drag Step, Cross Drag, Kentucky Drag, Kentucky Basic, Kentucky Western

Disk 2

Part 3

A: Utah, Utah Basic, Run Rhythm, Toe Tapper

B: Charleston Touchback (Long Charleston), Fancy Triple, Step Double (Stomp Double), Boogie

C: Stomp (Stamp), Run Stomp, Swivel Stomp, Roach (Outhouse)

D: Rockacross, Toe Pivot (Basketball Turn), Heel Pivot, Heel Spin

Part 4

A: 8 Ct Cowboy, Triple Crazy Chug, Long Charleston

B: Half Alabama, Bama Toevine, Chase-It, Drag & Skip

C: Brenda, Grasshopper, Cricket Hop

D: Single Twist, Triple Twist, Pigeon Lift (Pothole)

Part 5

A: Crazy Legs, Sway Basic, Unclog, Bugle Call

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