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I have been making steady progress through the DVDs and devote an average of three hours a week to your instructions. I can now appreciate how much effort went into preparing the tapes and what I have undertaken to learn.
I went to the Dance Flurry in Saratoga in mid-February and took an hour-long session on Appalachian Clogging. I was able to follow everything until the instructor did the pitter patter step. Anyway, after that class, I started your Introduction to Buck and Advanced DVD, I am still on the first DVD but was able to do the pitter patter step on March 13th.
I completed the Easy Level Practice Dances and have gone through the Easy Intermediate Steps. I am attending the Nickel City Clogging Convention in Buffalo tomorrow through Saturday. I will take the beginning and beginner plus sessions and possibly some easy intermediate classes. Your instructions have given me more confidence.
Thank you again for making the clogging dvds.

.....Ralph, New York (2018)

I love the videos! You remind me a lot of my old clogging instructor. I was so disappointed when I had to stop taking classes. Now I don't have to stop dancing. Thank You for putting these videos out.

.....Gina, California

Hi, I am Charlotte. Thank you. I am with Cloggers Unlimited in Houston. We are going to New York in June and I thought we should all wear these pins (American flag shoe pins). The girls just love them. We use them as a reward when a "newbee" performs for the first time. Sort of like getting "pinned".

.....Thanks again, Charlotte

I just received the DVDs that I ordered. They were exactly what I was looking for and so of course I had to order more so that I will have a library to keep me going for quite some time. Your cueing is excellent!

.....Nancy, Arizona

Dear Lelia, I received your dvd in the mail last week and all I can say is WOW!! You are a fantastic teacher!! I have learned more from your "class" than I have learned in a month of lessons! Thank you and keep up the good work!

.....Carolyn Eggleston, aka "The Cypress Clogging Queen"

I received the DVDs and am very pleased with them. I am especially happy that you go through the entire routine after teaching the steps - it sure makes it easier to see how it all fits together. Thanks again!

.....Kathy Laing of the Cascadia Cloggers and the Two Left Feet Cloggers, Whatcom County, Washington.

Hey Lelia and Russ, Congratulations on your website, it's AWESOME! I always enjoy your workshops, your friendship and everything you do to promote clogging! Your choreography is always a crowd pleaser and your teaching styles are enthusiastic and entertaining! I know your DVDs will be a great help to cloggers of all levels! I'll be sure to recommend them to my dancers to give them that "extra boost" we all appreciate when improving our skills.

.....Barry Welch, California

Hi Leila, Just wanted to let you know that I have completed the first two beginning videos and am able to keep up with your routines at the end!! I'm so grateful that you take it so slowly and incorporate the steps continuously throughout each routine. Great job and I will be ordering the intermediate dvds next pay period!! Sure wish you lived here in Plattsburgh!

.....Sue, New York

Your DVDs are more than helpful. They are invaluable to me. I live in the UP of Michigan so getting to clogging classes isn't always the easiest task. So, I’m doing all I can to learn on my own and keep our little group of 15 alive and growing. Your instruction is very well done…….very concise, clear, and easy to follow. Today, Lelia, you taught me how to do the Shenandoah in Next To Me, Next to You. Great fun!! You offer a wonderful service……….especially for someone like me, who is so isolated. I can only attend one or 2 workshops per year, and have no interaction with other cloggers who can help me “advance my dance” on a normal basis………So your DVD’s are wonderful for me!!

.....Cindy Flood, Michigan

I just got your DVDs the other day, and just love them. So neat to "see" you guys again. You both did a great job. I can't wait to start teaching "Jack & Diane" this year. I remember really enjoying watching you guys dance it last year on the Sunday afternoon.

.....Darolyn Pchajek, Winnipeg

Hi Lelia, just wanted to let you know that we received the dvds. My husband graduated from a beginner class about 4 years ago and then stopped going. We watched and danced through the 1st dvd right away and he really enjoyed it, and picked up several things. Learning the mechanics of clogging is already helping him. Your explanations are so thorough. Wish we lived in San Diego! Thanks again and see you at convention!

.....Donna, California

Russ, I am so glad that I e-mailed Lelia about "Hawaiian Roller Coaster" and she told me about your new web site. It is great and very "user friendly". I just ordered Int & Int+ step videos ... that will be very helpful to have an "instant teach" anytime I have a question on a step I am trying to learn ... so much better than just a cue sheet with the step written out.... THANK YOU so much !! I can't wait to get my DVDs.

.....Terri Weltzheimer, Texas

I received my DVDs on Saturday. I put on the Int+ , but did not have time to watch all of it nor the Int yet. I was VERY pleased with the teach. Lelia does an excellent job of showing the step with a great breakdown and the alternate way to do the Mr Haney vine ... plus showing the alternate names for steps. It is also nice to have a short "practice" with the new steps done to music ... that is VERY helpful. Lelia made it very easy to remember the difference between the Macnamara, and Mac Heel Slur. I also LOVE the way that you put the DVD together ... makes it VERY easy to look up just one or two steps with out the need to go through the entire teach. These are TERRIFIC DVDs and I will definitely recommend them to anyone I know who is looking for a teaching DVD !! I am VERY happy that I e-mailed Lelia and found out about the DVDs. I can't wait to go all the way through both of them.

.....Terri Weltzheimer, Texas

Lelia and Russ are excellent teachers and make workshops fun. It's rather nice to also see a couple who get along so well together and who are so much in love. Makes a nice, comfortable atmosphere for a workshop.

.....Linda Williamson, Victoria BC

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