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Intermediate Clogging Steps (2 Disks) $29.95

Step names are Southern California terminology,

with a cross reference to other step names in red.

Disk 1

Part 1

A: Half Alabama, Alabama, Bama Toevine, Samantha, Bonanza

B: Brush Sequence, Basic Swing

C: Slap Run, Slap Kickout (Flea Flicker), Slapback, Slap Rock

D: Slap Brush & Basic (Hard Step), Simone, Brush Simone

Part 2

A: Slip (MS Slip), Quick Slip, Slip & Slide

B: Break & Dig, Clogover Break & Dig, Brake, Double Breaker

C: Crossout Lift (Scissors), Catawba Slide, Clogover Rhythm (3-2-1), Clap Basic

D: Dig & Dig, Dunk, Dig & Dunk (Black Mountain), Utah Dunk

Disk 2

Part 3

A: Toevine (Joey), Stationary Vine, Rougie Vine, Kicking Vine, Slide (Mountain Goat)

B: Cross Rock Slide (High Horse), Utah Rock Slide (Only Wanna)

C: Double Kentucky Rock = Kentucky Step, Vine Kentucky Rock, Kickover Sway (Cotton Eye Joe)

D: Double Rocker (Rooster Run), Double Crabwalk, Traveling Charleston, Traveling Charleston Brush

Part 4

A: Rock Slur, Vine Rock Slur, Vine Rock Step (MJ)

B: Shave-it (Rocket), Billy D, Syncopated Rock (Time Bomb), Syncopated Step, Birmingham (Syncopated Toe Slide)

C: Kangaroo, Scoot, Cross Turn Chug (Ghostbuster Turn), Reggae Shuffle (Simone Stomp)

Dance Through

Slow Practice Dance

Medium Practice Dance

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