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Intermediate Plus Clogging Steps (2 Disks) $29.95

Step names are Southern California terminology,

with a cross reference to other step names in red.

Disk 1

Part 1

Apart Hop Rock, Bell Kick, Triple Bell, Cowbell

Bo Weevil, Chug Kentucky, Cross Slip(Scotty), Crossover Bounce Apart(Scotty)

Dig Rock Slide, Ida Red, Ida Wrong

Joey Zip, Kentucky Rock Drag, Kick the Hooch, Kitchen Slip

Part 2

My Way, Machine Gun

Macnamara, Mac Heel Slur, Mr. Haney Vine

Rock Gallop, Rock Gallop (with buck), Rock Split Run

Practice Dance: Slow & Faster

Disk 2

Part 3

Scoop, Scottish Stall, Snapper (Quick Turkey)

Toe Slide, Slide Step (Dog Paddle)

Kentucky Toe Slide, Slapover Rock Slide, Kangaroo Slide

Split & Cross (Stagger Lee, Cherie), Split Clap Basic

Part 4

Sonja, Skuff Vine, Summey, Step Summey

Toevine Skip (Joey Skip), Twisty, Breaker-Breaker, Turning Break

Unclog Billy D, Walk It

Practice Dances: Slow & Faster

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