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Add a clogging pin for only $3 or a key ring for $5
They make great gifts for your clogging friends!!

1 inch USA Flag Pin

New I Love Clogging Pin
3/4 inch

Dance Key Rings
1 1/4 inch charm


I Love Clogging Pin
5/8 inch square

shiny gold color

Beginner 1: Clogging Steps - 2 DVD Set $29.95

Beginner 2: Dance Routines - 2 DVD Set $29.95

Beginner Book $10



Easy Intermediate Steps - 2 DVD Set $29.95

Easy Dance Routines - 2 DVD Set $29.95

Intermediate Steps - 2 DVD Set $29.95

Intermediate Plus Steps - 2 DVD Set $29.95

Intro to Buck and Advanced - 2 DVD Set $29.95



Advanced #1 $14.95

Jack & Diane(Choreo: Hunsaker)

Who Got The Hooch (Choreo: Hunsaker)

Advanced #2 $14.95

In The Summer Time (Choreo: Hunsaker)

Cowboy Up (Choreo: Hunsaker)

Advanced #3 $14.95

Groovin (Choreo: Bice)

Wake Up (Choreo: Farris)

Advanced #4 $14.95

Next To You Next To Me (Choreo: Leatherman)

Maple Leaf Rag (Choreo: Lee)

Advanced #5 $14.95

Funkabilly (Choreo: Hunsaker)

Mr. Ooh La La (Choreo: Hunsaker)

Advanced #6 $14.95

LOA (Love On Arrival)(Choreo: Campbell)

Black Or White (Choreo: Bilz)

Advanced #7 $14.95

Somebody Like You(Choreo: Bice)

All Summer Long (Choreo: Bice)

Advanced #8 $14.95

Little White Church(Choreo: Hunsaker)

Magic Carpet Ride - Steppin Wolf Mix(Choreo: Hunsaker)

Advanced #9 $14.95

Fever(Choreo: Hunsaker)

Misery(Choreo: Bice)



Intermediate #1 $14.95

Bounce With Me (Choreo: Hunsaker)

Cotton Eyed Joe (Choreo: Mee)

Black Horse (Choreo: Hunsaker)

Intermediate #2 $14.95

Amos Moses (Choreo: Hunsaker)

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (Choreo: Hunsaker)

Larger Than Life(Choreo: Hunsaker)

Intermediate #3 $14.95

Oh What A Night (Choreo: Hunsaker)

Chasin' The Devil (Choreo: Mason)

Good Together(Choreo: Hunsaker)

Intermediate #4 $14.95

Irish Spirit(Choreo: Hunsaker)

Betty's Being Bad(Choreo: Bilz)

Boot Scootin' Boogie(Choreo: King)

Intermediate #5 $14.95

Step That Step(Choreo: Bilz)

House Of Blue Lights(Choreo: Mee)

Jambalaya(Choreo: Hunsaker)

Intermediate #6 $14.95

Ida Red(Choreo: Driggs)

Diggy Diggy Lo(Choreo: Bilz & Gibbs)

Chattahoochee(Choreo: Bilz)



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